Monday, 2 September 2013

While I have your attention

While I have your attention, meet Vatey.

Vatey is amazing! She's part of the core team at Freedom Church, a key part of the worship team and also serves the church by translating and processing resources coming from the Hub of Freedom Church in Hereford, UK. She is elegant, beautiful, hilarious and dedicated. Having finished school and already pursuing higher education she has made the decision to stay in Siem Reap, which will enable her to remain a part of Freedom Church Siem Reap. Already balancing home life, studying, a job and church, she is massively dedicated. You can partner with her in staying a part of Siem Reap. To find out more please go to , read her testimony and find out more about how you can practically help her.

This is a woman of massive integrity and influence. If you can, in any way, please partner with her. She is one of the first in a new generation of rising leaders that will change this nation in an amazing way!


Heaven in a cup...cake!

Having just shared my thoughts regarding Blossom Cafe and Training Centre, Siem Reap (in a rather grandiose fashion) to all on TripAdvisor, I thought you, my beloved faceless public (you're not really faceless are you? I just mean that I can't see you through my computer... because that would be weird. Even weirder if I could, and then you actually didn't have a face...) where was I? Oh yes - you, public, I though you would appreciate the review too - given that a fair number of you share or at least know of my passion for cake, and my susceptibility to sugar! Enjoy!

Beth x

My goodness, where to start?

Rolling up on my bicycle to the front of the Blossom cafe, I was like giddy school-girl, with hubby almost having to restrain me as my feet burst into impromptu dancing. I like cake. A lot. I miss cake. A lot. Having had my own baking business back in the UK before moving to Siem Reap in January, good cake is an utter joy to me, and not one I frequently can find. Until now. While there are some beautiful little cafes in Siem Reap and some cutely decorated ones, nothing quite transports you to sweet-treat heaven like Blossom. Walking in to see utterly gorgeous decor, including beautiful mismatched chairs and tables, clever screens to give elegant separation between sofas, and the utterly stunning Tea-cup light features, I would have been beside myself if that were actually physically possible...
And THEN we looked at the menu! Practically bouncing up and down on the sofa as I tried to choose something, hubby had chosen his drink and two cupcakes to trial before looking up at his wild-eyed wife, who was obviously getting a little high from the sugar fumes in the place. When I finally made a choice and ordered I spent some time nosing about at decor a little more closely, the greetings cards and aprons for sale amongst other things and then was offered the Blossom Cake Portfolio (it deserves capitals - it is magnificent) to peruse. Glory. In the meantime the most delicious coffee was served, a mild smooth blend, just right for my taste, so perfect not a grain of sugar was added.
For me, the stronger the coffee the more sugar goes in, and I like it milky and not bitter. The latte that came was beautiful, with foam art, a beautiful colour, and not a cappuccino just topped up with milk, but a real, real latte. Gorgeous!!
And then to the cakes. I like to think of myself as a connoisseur... I've eaten my fair share of cake, and when a passer-by at my Cake Stand in the UK declared that she was a 'Cake Judge' with the WI, whilst looking down her nose at the cakes and with a definite air of superiority, I held my tongue and resisted announcing 'So am I, I eat cake, and I judge it. If I don't like it, I stop eating.' (Apparently that sort of response scares customers away!) Where was I? Yes, the cake! My only caution around cupcakes is whether the icing gets so much attention that the actual cake misses out... Fear Not!! At Blossom, beautiful cakes are topped with just the right amount of icing, and in beautiful flavour combinations that leave you perfectly satisfied, and not overwhelmed or with aching teeth! I first sampled a delicate combination, Apple and Almond. The sponge was beautifully light and airy, complemented by a cinnamon cream cheese icing that didn't overwhelm the flavours. The flavour built as I ate through the cake, leaving me with the perfect flavour balance at the end of the cupcake. Exquisite!
And here my words my fail me - I then went on to the Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Cupcake. Yes, you read correctly, it exists. I don't think I can put into words how utterly beautiful this cake was. I'm always a sucker for a Cherry and Chocolate combination, but this cake takes the biscuit. Hubby happily watched as I ate this one, slowly, thoughtfully and wide eyed at how beautiful it could be. Why was he so happy... because absolute silence fell. After all the cake I've eaten in almost 28 years, I have discovered the best cake I've ever eaten. The best.

There is just one problem as far as I can see - I've only tried two flavours. (Apart from a sneaky bite of hubby's Oreo and Chocolate which was brilliant too, but doesn't officially count! ;) )
Which means more testing simply MUST be carried out. But for you, dear TripAdvisor readers, I will make that sacrifice. It's a hard job, an arduous task, as I'm sure you can tell... but I will, for you, undertake it.

See you there.