Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Leaving... On a Jet Plane

And now, the time has come!
Rather than facing the final curtain or anything else that song suggests, we are off! Mombasa here we come!
Some of you will be familiar with the journey we've been on these last few months, but to catch everyone else up, here's a quick summary of our journey so far.

At the end of November we decided to join the team going from Freedom Church to launch a new campus in Mombasa, Kenya. We applied, went through interviews and joined the awesome team saying goodbye to friends, families and careers to start a new life in Africa.

Originally planning to leave in July, we faced a hiccup in the visa application process, and ended up saying several rounds of goodbyes as we then delayed our flights until- you guessed it- today!!

So now, with less than 2 hours before we fly, our life packed in 4 cases and some hand luggage we are off and wanted to take this last opportunity on British wifi to say a huge thank you to everyone who has stood with us, supported us, asked for updates and prayed for us, committed to giving to us monthly as we start this new adventure, and encouraged us with their love all the way.
We can't thank you all enough. We're so very excited for this new journey, and know that much of what we are doing would not be possible without your support!

Thank you friends! Can't wait to share this adventure with you!

Phil and Beth

N.B. For anyone wanting to get alongside is financially, either on a one off or monthly basis, if you pay tax, do go to or if you don't Email us for our bank account details.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Parkys Go Mombassive

Hello all,

Quite a few people have asked us for information on how to support us while we're away, which is awesome, humbling and hugely encouraging. Thank you!
We have lots to catch you all up regarding our journey in how and why we ended up deciding to move to Kenya, and when we're going to be setting off. We'll be blogging again soon, but for now are popping this information here (before we forget to!).
We would greatly appreciate anyone who is a UK tax payer giving through our page at as the charity that runs this fundraising page, Stewardship, are able to claim back the tax paid on any donation. They take a very small fee of 3%, meaning the overall gift is still significantly increased even after the fee is taken.
The example they give is that on a £10 donation, £2.50 is claimed back, £0.38 is taken to cover their admin fees, with the recipient getting £12.12.
If you're not a tax payer, you can still set up payments through, as it is a very simple way to donate. A reduced 2% admin fee will be taken from that, but we can give our own bank account details as an alternative to give directly to us with no fees being taken. is the fundraising front page of Stewardship, a charity set up to facilitate people's giving. As a charity, they keep make the fees as low as possible and don't make any profit from the process, any unused fee-money at the end of the year is given back to charity. Anyone wanting to give to multiple charities, or even multiple individuals on the Kenya team for example, can set up a Stewardship account, which effectively means you can create a 'pot' of money and give out to whichever cha rities and individuals you would like to support from there, the benefit being that if you set up an account either with stewardship or, you only have to fill out gift aid and direct debit forms once, and any donations will only have a fee deducted once. You can also make gifts anonymously if you wish.

Our fundraiser page:
For more information, head to and

Ps. If you want to take a look at our previous adventures in Cambodia, keep scrolling down, and to keep up to date, do subscribe to follow the blog! 
Huge love to you all!

Phil and Beth Parky